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Our Amenities


24/7 Security guard

First aid box

Common TV


Attached Washroom

Attached balcony

High speed wifi

Monthly pest control

Common parking

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About VNS Hostel

VRAJ NIDHI SAMANVAY (VNS) HOSTEL Living provides a wide range of options from hostel, Hotel etc. Have a look at our properties and choose for yourself.

VRAJ NIDHI SAMANVAY (VNS) HOSTEL was born out of a conviction, a conviction which envisaged that the creator and creature nurture together. Symbiosis has always been a part of evolution since we stepped out on our first feet on Mother Earth. We are taking it to the next level of human evolution.

To explain it’s just a hostel! What it does is a different story altogether. Once you step inside the serene ambience of VRAJ NIDHI SAMANVAY (VNS) HOSTEL you would have left everything behind you. It is a state where you achieve a moment of lull! What we have endeavored to do here takes a great skill set, deployment of monetary resources, a lot of immaculate planning, and extreme patience. What we have achieved is priceless! 

The hostel spans 40 rooms, very well equipped with all the modern amenities enthralling you everywhere you go. Right from the moment you step into the hostel, you will be taken to a different world. 

This leasing unit combines the essence of nature, security, comfort & education right at the structure's apex.

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VNS Hostel

VNS Co-Living provides a wide range of options from hostels, PGs to studio apartments to fully furnished flats. Have a look at our properties and choose for yourself.

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Alwa Road, opp. Vadpadraka Hotel & Resort btwen. Sumandeep and Parul University Dattapura, Waghodia Rd, Vadodara, Gujarat 391760


8487045600 , 9409117158

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